Turn the Page KC instigates Kansas City’s most positive future through 3rd grade reading proficiency. Click here to view the full Magic of Reading video.

Kansas City, MO has a serious reading crisis.

If a student cannot read proficiently by the end of third grade their likeliness of future academic success drops. Reading is the essential tool needed to continually grasp further concepts. Right now, only about half of all students in Kansas City, MO are reading at grade level or above by the end of third grade. Turn the Page KC is addressing this by convening our community around this urgent issue. Since Turn the Page KC was founded in 2011, the number of 3rd graders reading at grade-level and above has increased every year, enrollment in academic summer programs has quadrupled, and chronic student absenteeism has dropped 4%. As a community, we have made progress, but there is still work to be done to ensure that every student can read proficiently by the end of 3rd grade and have a chance at a successful and productive future.

Collaborative Action Networks

Turn the Page KC addresses 3rd grade reading through a network of experts, service providers, and practitioners focused on areas that support 3rd grade reading proficiency. These areas include school readiness, school attendance, and summer learning.

School Readiness

The first four years of life are critical for laying the groundwork for reading. Since children have the best chance to read by the end of 3rd grade if they come to school ready to learn, it is important that they have access to quality early education programs and resources. Click here to learn more. 

School Attendance

In grades K-3, the school day is the most important opportunity to help children learn to read. Student attendance must be monitored and obstacles mitigated to limit chronic absenteeism. Click here to learn more.

Summer Learning

For many children, summer means a halt, or decline, in reading skills. K-3 students should be enrolled in a literacy-rich summer learning program to continue their reading development, even when school is not in session. Click here to learn more.

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