During the summer, children can lose up to two months of reading achievement. Children enrolled in a literacy-rich summer learning program are able to continue developing their reading skills, even when school is not in session. Data provided by local programs showed that students who attended a summer program in Kansas City increased their literacy skills by 12%. Turn the Page KC’s Summer Learning Collaborative aims to fill high-quality summer programs to capacity, as well as provide unique, literacy-rich experiences for students participating in these programs. Click here for tips on how to prevent summer learning loss.

Summer Learning Work Group Members:
Boys and Girls Club of Kansas City
Caring for Kids
Center School District
Elevate KC
Freedom Schools
Hickman Mills School District
Kansas City Area Education Research Consortium
Kansas Enrichment Network
Kansas City Power & Light District
Kansas City Public Libraries
Kansas City Public Schools
Mid-Continent Public Libraries
North Kansas City School District
Swope Corridor Renaissance Upper Room, Inc.
Union Station / Science City

Please contact Mike English at menglish@turnthepagekc.org if you are interested in learning more or joining this collaborative network.

Related Research
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Jennifer Sloan McCombs et al.,Making Summer Count: How Summer Programs Can Boost Children’s Learning.” RAND Corporation, June 2011. A new study from the RAND Corporation, examines students’ loss of knowledge and educational skills during the summer months. The study, commissioned by the Wallace Foundation, finds that this loss is cumulative over the course of a student’s career and further widens the achievement gap.