The Preschool years are about getting ready for Kindergarten. 

Tip 1: Instead of telling your child what you’re doing, ask her questions and have her explain. For example, if you visit the park, ask your child: What are you going to do first? Or, how many swings do you see?

Tip 2: Being able to rhyme is a core beginning reading skill. Help your child practice rhyming by asking them to find words that rhyme with things you see while driving or walking around. How many words can you find that rhyme with tree? What about car? Or store?

Tip 3: Kids at this age enjoy reading to their stuffed animals or dolls. Buy props that help her create stuffed animal story time. (Some ideas: pretend glasses to help bear see the pages in a book, a fun teacher hat for her to wear when she reads to them.)

Tip 4: One key reading skill is being able to identify words that start with the same letter. Tell your child two words that you heard on a Daniel Tiger episode, saw on billboards on I-35, or read in a book, and ask him if he hears the same sounds at the beginning of the words.

Additional Resources:

Our friends at Read Charlotte have developed this tool so you can learn home activities that can develop specific reading skills.