Your child is learning how to “do” school, and they’re starting to see letters and words everywhere! Now is the time to keep the learning going at home by bringing in some familiar activities. 

Tip 1: Chances are, your child is familiar with at least one iPad, Chromebook, or computer. Ask your child’s teacher for the best apps or web sites for practice—screen time is best spent getting better at skills they already know, rather than trying to learn something new.

Tip 2: As your child learns how to “do” school, adding books, pretend play, and letters to his play area help create a “home office” for a young learner.

Tip 3: Cut out letters or buy letter magnets for your child to name, play with, and rearrange into words. Either challenge them to spell words you give them, or have them create their own words for you to read.

Tip 4: If your child likes to take control of your phone camera (and whose doesn’t?) challenge them to take pictures of words you see while on errands around town. Later, they can “read” the pictures and words from street signs, banners, and storefronts.

Additional Resources:

Our friends at Read Charlotte have developed this tool so you can learn home activities that can develop specific reading skills.