2017 Resolutions

In 2017, we resolve to: 

Empower Parents and Caregivers to Instigate Brain Building Moments
A brain building moment can happen anywhere – at the grocery store, in the car, or during dinner. Parents and caregivers don’t need a lesson plan to help their babies and toddlers’ brains grow. All they need is a little creativity (Vroom can help with that!). Parents are a child’s first teacher and we want them to have access to anything they need to ensure that their kids are prepared for Kindergarten and beyond. Our new Early Learning Hub is a new, FREE resource all parents can turn to for books, educational toys, and other literacy resources.

Grow a Community of Healthy Readers 
A child’s early years of life determines their developmental trajectory and ultimately, their life course. When developmental challenges are not addressed early, a child can quickly fall behind of their peers. To mitigate this issue, we intend to provide assistance and follow-up resources to the many wonderful organizations in town who are working to identify developmental challenges through screenings.

Consider the Impact of School Suspensions on 3rd Grade Reading
Chronic absenteeism continues to be one of the greatest obstacles to third-grade reading success. Although some reasons for school absences are difficult to prevent, many students are told to stay home by their schools. According to a 2015 study out of the University of California, Los Angeles, Missouri has the highest rate of preschool suspension of black males in the United States. One in four KCMO black male K-3 students were suspended in 2015. This year, we will convene local organizations to analyze current suspension policies and propose changes.

Amplify Our Messages
Have you heard of Turn the Page KC? It’s a simple question that can fill silences in elevators, Ubers, or libraries (just make sure you whisper). If you have a connection to Turn the Page, share it with your network! It’s more powerful coming from you than from anyone else.

Engage Every Person in Kansas City
Everyone in our community has a role to play in achieving our mission. Whether you are a parent, retiree, or small business owner, you have a say (and a stake) in our kids’ education and future. Volunteer your time, donate books, share our messages on social media, or tell us what you would like to contribute. We love hearing from you.

Get the Rest of those Kids Reading!
We cannot accept the fact that there are currently third-graders in Kansas City who can’t read at grade-level. Since 2011, the number has grown every year, but it’s still only at about half. This year, we will continue to work tirelessly to mobilize Kansas City around this issue. One book,  one child, and one volunteer at a time, we will get the rest of those kiddos reading!

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Jordan Frazier

Third grade teacher